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Title: 9 years AnimeRulezzz + 3 new anime titles
Added by: OmegaKO
Date: 17.12.2014

9 years ago appeared the first version of AnimeRulezzz in the webspace. Happy birthday, AnimeRulezzz!
Because of our anniversary our bot receptionist Ban_R is back to work (in right panel). Help Ban_R to be smarter asking him questions. Even if he can't understand you, don't worry. He'll be smart enough soon.
We added three new anime titles - Gugure! Kokkuri'san, Sword Art Online and Terra Formars. In next days you must expect many new articles and anime titles in the site.
About the development of the new software version of the site we need designer (HTML + CSS). Anyone wishing to join can write to the administrator of the site (look here ). We remind you this is voluntary work.

Title: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Added by: MSK
Date: 11.12.2014

Attack on Titan

Greetings! This update to is dedicated to the title Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). You can find materials about the anime in our Animepedia or you can download it from our Download section, or read its manga, or you can even watch it directly from this site from the 'Watch Anime Online' section. We have also added a number of other things, but we'll let you find them yourself. Expect more surprises in the near future!

Title: Monster
Added by: MSK
Date: 18.09.2014


Hello! The summer ended and we rested well. We can't wait to continue our work on the site. Our first update will be with one extreamly good title. Naoki Urasawa's masterpiece better known as the anime/manga Monster. Personaly for me it's the best title that combines the Mystery, Horror, Psycho-thriller genres. As you know you can find everything related to the new anime on the site. Enjoy!!!

Title: No Game No Life
Added by: MSK
Date: 16.07.2014

No Game No Life

Oh well, not everything goes according to plan! This update was planned for earlier, however, due to our small team and the number of tasks at hand, we couldn't manage to deliver on time.
The theme of today's update, and main feature of Animerulezzz's front-line animes is "No Game No Life".

And as a compensation for our delay, we've added the complete 2nd season of "Date A Live"!

Not only that, we've also tossed in all episodes of "Magi" season 2!


Translated by YFelis

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