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Belldandy is a First class second category goddess and a sister to Urd and Skuld. She works at the "Goddess Relief Agency". Her element affinity is wind (representing the present). Eventually Belldandy goes down to Earth to a student at the Nekomi Technology Institute — Keiichi Morisato. Her task is to grant his wish — "A goddess like you to stay with me forever". Typical for her is traveling throw mirrors and falling asleep when she runs out of her godly powers. Her angel is Holly Bell.
Belldandy is incredibly kind (I think that she is even shockingly kind) and is childlike naïve to everything around her. But don't think that she is weak or stupid. She can melt down the heart of the worst villains and win them on her side. It's like she has a sixth sense for the enemy's plans (or ruins them accidentally :) ). Besides that, she has godly powers suitable for her rank, with which she more or less makes life easier for her and others. While living with Keiichi she also reveals her amazing skills as a housewife, probably because of the feelings she has for him. Even in “Adventures of Mini-goddess” the animators often make jokes with that. She would do anything for “her Keiichi”, even go as far as to break an order from God, risking to lose her godly license in the process, or to fight with her older sister.

Etymological origin of her name

The name "Belldandy" is with a Norwegian origin. In its original form it's spelled as "Verdandy", but in Japanese the phonetic sounds “b” and “v”, and also “r” and “l”, are very similar, and because of the specifics of the Japanese “kana” her name is transcribed as ベルダンディー [berudandy] (and later her name was transcribed as "Belldandy" by the American translators). That's the name of one of the three

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