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Akira is full-length anime that came out in 1988. After you watch the culting anime if you start thinking about the message's in it than you could "blame" Katsuro Otomo. Akira has won the hearts of many people not only with the level of graphics and sound (the lines have bin recorded in advance and the anime has bin synchronise with them, this is something that is missing in other anime's) - it's diffrent from the massive anime mania for the Wild West. Akira will send you to a diffrent Japan and more pricisly Tokio 1988, wich is destroyed from a nuclear blast that give the start of 3-rd world war. 31 years later the story begins - the year is 2019. On the place of the destroyed city is Neo Tokio - dark, teared by the cry of sirens, demonstrations and the rawr of the motorcicle bands enmity with each other. In one of the bands we see the main hero's - Tesuo Shima and Shotaro Kenada. There adventure starts with a crash wich suprisingly the army involves... Akira has the cheers not only from the public, but also the critics wich announced it for greatest anime film ever. I can assure you that this time they are right - Akira had me from the first seconds and till the end. I hope that the same thing happen to you. Have a nice time watching it!
Translated from Bulgarian language by: fewgtg (PoD)
Autor: Legionera
Added by: Legionera
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