Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Eren

Eren is the main character of the anime. His destiny is deeply influenced by the tragedy he expiriences while he was little. He lost his mother which become a victim of a titan. Eren decides to battle against the titans. He devotes his life to this purpose. He doesnt want to lose close ones or to let innocent people die. Together with his stepsister Mikasa and his childhood friend Armin they enroll in the 104st detachment. After that he becomes part of Survey Corps. Eren possesses characteristic for the title feminine touch. That is common for all of the male characters of the anime. He is the character that undergoes the biggest development in the anime. During one of his battles he even gets eaten by a titan. Somehow he manages to survive and he even transforms into a titan. In this moment humanity gains one new and valuable trump card in their battle.
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