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In the beginning I was sceptical about this title. Deliberately I avoided to start watching it. The reason behind that was it's popularity. Annoyingly compulsive it was in front of my eyes. Eventually I decided to see why it has such a mass appearance. Why people talk about it so much?

This is the anime which will immerse you in one intriguing universe. Dramatical to the bones. The main protagonists in addition to being symphathetic are resilient. They lead unending battles for their existence, for justice, for prerogative to feel, for their birthright to be free.
The action takes place in a world where humanity is pressed to its utmost. People live in a territory surrounded by 60 metre walls. The atmosphere is in medieval style like Berserk. The walls keep from giant humanoid creatures called titans. Almost 100 years humanity lived in peace and harmony. In one seemingly normal day titans attack the walls again. The normal ones would never pass beyond it. The fateful hour comes when an abnormal titan makes its appearance. Tall as much as the wall he successfully destroys it. Followed by an invasion. The newly created situation violates the peaceful life of the main protagonist Eren. Lived by the accepted rules and regulations in the city Shinganshina he sees how he loses his loved ones. This moment orients and motivates him to choose his future.
The alternative is one: battle against the titans. The same choice made his friends Mikasa and Armin. Mikasa is a stepsister to Eren and Armin is a childhood friend. Years later they join the training 104-th Detachment. After the successful training Eren decides to become part of Survey Corps known by contradicting reputation. For some they are heroes, for others they are just naive people who sacrifice their life for nothing. That is how the real adventures which will lead them to undiscovered secrets begin.

In this title the action is the last thing you have to worry about. There is big dose of action and its animation is wonderful, unbelievable, crazy, you can die of preasure. This is one of the best animations from the side of art and animating, design and vision of the heroes for which I can think of. The soundtrack contributes for the nice atmosphere which is the reason for its еxcess popularity. Unfortunately the аction of the story is similar to One Piece and is developing slow.

This is a minus for a title animated in two seasons. That is how we get the feeling that the characters are not well developed. Even the absence of the main protagonist in half of the anime would seem like a prize for your eyes. The title deserves every minute spent on it. You won't regret watching it due to the number of reasons which I mentioned. Hardly most of the people would put it in their top list or call it masterpiece. Commercial yes! Commercial, which should be watched!!!
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