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The story in Bakuman follows the attempts of Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito to become Mangaka’s, which is one of the prestigious and respected professions in Japan. Mashiro lives the simple life of a 14 year old lad. He secretly likes Azuki Miho from his class and draws her during classes. Remembering that he left his notebook with Miho’s drawings in it, he returns to his class room just to find that Takagi Akito who has Moritaka’s notebook in his hand. He clearly declares that he wants them to become Mangaka’s. Takagi isn’t good with drawing but his writing talent is superb. He also has the highest grades in the school. Even though Mashiro is good at drawing and the idea isn’t new to him he refuses. His reply is based on his uncle’s unfortunate accident that resulted in his death (his uncle was a Mangaka). That night Mashiro receives a call from Takagi connected with Azuki. Both of them end up in front of her house. That’s where he learns that her dream is to become a Seiyu (Voice Actress). Takagi on his own announces that they’ll become Mangaka’s. Azuki is very happy to hear that and thinks they’ll be a good team. Even more enthusiastic Mashiro says that once their Manga becomes an Anime he wants her to star in it. After she reply’s with such happiness to his invite and gets him even more pumped up with adrenalin plus a sudden memory of his uncle he confesses his feelings to Miho and offers her a marriage proposal with the words “When our dreams come true, will you marry me?”. Mashiro realizes that he made a blunder and wants to apologize fast but before he could Azuki agrees and gives an oath that she will marry him after their dreams come true. Moritaka and Takagi aim to get an anime before they reach 18 years. But soon they clash with reality and understand how hard it is to become a Mangaka and that success is based on luck.

Translated by Malygos
Autor: МСК
Added by: MSK
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