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Beck is a unknown musicality anime. Althou its musicality purpose its not a musical. The main hero in Beck is Tanaka Yukio - boy who isnt educated in musical attitude and has no idea wich are the greatest in music. One day when he was going home from school Koyuki (the way his friends call him) saves a strange dog from bunch of hooligans. The dog turn out to be Ryiske Minami wich is an ex guitar player from one of the famous rock bands - The Dying Breed. Yukio didnt know that and decides Ryiske to be a normal boy. After a couple of days his friend - Izumi gave him a disc with songs of The Dying Breed. After Yukio visits a concert of the band of Ryiske he begins to feel the rock music in his heart and starts loving it wich inspires him to play on a guitar. Saito helps in this undertaking. Couple of days after the band of Ryiske fall apart and he and Eiji who is an ex 2nd guitar player of the band of Ryiske - Serial Mama, swear that they will make a new band. Thats how everything starts in Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad (wich is full name of the anime). Ryiske creates a new band with the genius bass Tajra, the crazy vowel Chiba and later Koyuki and his friend Saku. Everybody in the band is amused of the progress of Yukio in the guitar playing. In Beck there is even a love story between Tanaka Yukio and the sister of Ryiske - Minami Maho. This love is the second forse in this anime. In Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad you'll see a lot of intrigue's, fellings and most of all good music. Its a mandatory anime for the fans of music and especialy rock.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: fewgtg (PoD)
Autor: Slesher
Added by: Slesher
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