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The story in Berserk revolves around the mercenary Guts. Thanks to his outstanding performance on the battlefield he catches the eye of Griffith and his band of the Hawk, who is his opponent at the moment. Not long after they get into a fight which Guts loses. Do to that he finds out that he’s not strong enough to continue to be a mercenary. Griffith sees the potential in him and offers him a chance to become a part of the band. Griffith’s dream is that one day he will have his own country. He’s headstrong about it and is ready to do anything to achieve it. After Guts enters the band he often quarrels with Casca. She’s in love with Griffith and follows him blindly. After a few controversial decisions, Casca begins to see Guts in a different light. Thanks to the band of the Hawk Midland is about to end their long-standing conflict.
Will the three main heroes (Guts, Griffith and Casca) stay together? Will they drift apart and at what price? Answer to these questions and more can be found by watching the anime or the new anime adaptation of the manga.
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