Bleach - Abarai Renji

Abarai Renji is from 78th district of Rukongai and he grew up as an orphan with a group of kids in which Kuchiki Rukia is. After the death of their friends Renji and Rukia discover thier spiritual power and they decide to become shinigamis to get a better life. In the beginning Renji was in one squad with Ichimaru, Aizen, Kira and Hinamori, but after a while he is transfered in Kenpachi's squad (11th) and after that in 6th where Kuchiki Byakuya is the leader. During his time in 11th squad, Renji becomes friend with Ikkaku who teaches him how to fight. When Abarai's dream to become a captain in Byakuya's squad, Rukiya is sent in the human world.
Renji's sword is named Zabimaru. When Renji wants to release its power, he shouts "Howl!". Zibamaru's spirit represents Renji's character the best. The second form of Zibamaru is a sword divided to pieces connected with stretching threads which make it more useful. The last form is like the second one but it's way bigger. It represents a snake skeleton which parts are connected by Renji's spiritual power.
Renji has fur around his neck.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: Renji-san
Added by: MSK
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