Bleach - Kuchiki Byakuya

Everyone likes different kinds of characters. Some of these characters are funny, others are cold and hostile, third are emotional and romantic. Bleach gives us an opportunity to learn about weird and one of a kind dreams, ideals and characters. In short - there is a little something for everyone. With these characters, their actions move along with them, these actions gives us a little idea about the characters. When you are in love the world looks like a perfect place, in which world everything is possible. When you hate, you want to be alone, you hate everything around you. The two extremes complete each other and they make an unbelievable combination that is called, Kuchiki Byakuya. Some people think that he is cold and without feelings, but it is only fair to look deeper in his character. Alone, beautiful and unbelievably strong, he attracts attention on himself. On top of that, he is very romantic. If his characteristics were only like that probably he would be the perfect man. But in this world nothing is perfect. The hero lives in his own world, in which he follows strict ideals, that only he knows. Like a contradiction person, he can save your life, and in the next moment stab you in the back. No matter of everything written, Kuchiki Byakuya continues to be a closed book, that probably will be never read.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Red_Line (TV_Squad)
Autor: Zanpakto
Added by: Zanpakto
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