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Staz is a boss in a territory in the Demon World who spends his free time in reading Manga and playing video games. At one point some of his subordinates tells him they found a human girl. As Staz is a Vampire Otaku, he can't wait to meet her and even hopes that she's Japanese. Japan is the country he worships because of their anime and games. The strange thing is that he doesn't want to drink human blood (he even thinks that's stupid). When he met Fuyumi, Staz began asking her questions about the human world and show her his Japanese collection. Unfortunately their meeting was cut short of a telephone call. Staz needed to defeat a pretendent for his territory. When he returns to his room he finds a demonic creature which spits out Fuyumi's remains. Killing it while fearing the worst Staz sees Fuyumi naked near his bed. Turns out she became a ghost. He takes the blame and promises her he'll resurrect her.

Translated by Malygos
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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