Blood Lad - Staz Charlie Bloo

Staz is of medium height and has short black, wearing colourful clothes, overall considered lazy by the others. He is the vampire boss of the eastern side of the demon world. He spends his free time playing video games, reading manga, watching japanese animation and many other crazy stuff involving the human world and mostly Japan. He loves everything which is made by humans. He thinks drinking blood from them is stupid. One day a human girl named Fuyumi enters his territory in the demon world. He gladly meets her but he must go and protect his territory. When he returns, he sees some demonic plant spilling Fuyumi's bones. Happily, he realises that she is still alive in form of a ghost. Staz promises her that he'll find a way to resurrect her. He is powerful, but he can't use his full potention because he has a bullet stuck in his heart. Staz' fighting style is long ranged and he isn't strong in close range combat. Staz lets Fuyomi drink from his blood so she won't disappear.

translated by еlvenom
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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