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Do you know that... it's time for "Candy Candy"?

Do you know that... this is the second article of this type and its goal is to inform you about "Candy Candy"?

Candy Candy is considered a classic by the thousands of anime and manga fans. Thanks to animes like "Candy Candy", the anime and manga world managed to develop and become what we see today. A lot of people would not even consider watching it because of the fact it was made so long ago, but the truth is that it's worthed the time you spend to enjoy the world in "Candy Candy". You will meet Candy, the girl with the blond hair, and her friends. You will become a part of her world and see her dreams.

Do you know that... there is a "Candy Candy" novel, manga and manga based anime?
The novel is written by the Japanese writer Kyoko Mizuki. Mizuki starts to work with the anime artist Yumiko Igarashi. The Japanese magazine "Nakayoshi" expresses interest in their work and for a period of 4 years all 9 volumes of the manga are released.

Do you know that... the novel is created because of the big interest outside Japan?
Despite the big international interest, the novel is published only in Japan. The novel has 3 volumes. It is interesting to say that the action in the 3rd volume is after the end of the anime and the manga. Some of the fans have translated the novel in other languages.

Do you know that... the anime makes its debut on October 1, 1976 and the last episode was on February 2, 1979?
The anime has a total of 115 episodes. It becomes very popular throughout the world - USA, some parts of Asia, Latin America and some European countries.

Do you know that... "Candy Candy" was broadcasted in the beginning of the 90s in Bulgaria, too?

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