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Claymore EyeClaymores 1 The creatures “Claymore” are artificially made- a combination of human flesh and blood and the creatures “yoma”. Their purpose is to protect people by yomas. A claymore that decides to kill a human is being killed by his own kind.
Despite the yomas ability to change and look like ordinary humans, claymores scent them with their second nature- that of a yoma. But they must be very careful with their yoma power. Using it too much will turn a claymore into complete yoma. Because of their excessive spontaneity male claymores almost always become a 100 % yoma and that is why since long ago for transforming claymores are used only women. The making of this creatures and their organizing is done by an organization called “Claymore” (also called “The Organization”). Actually these creatures are not initially named Claymore. This name was given to them by the people, because of the organization. Claymores 2Claymore-Yoma
It is very easy to recognize a claymore. Their eyes have specific color. Even though people are afraid of them and think they are monsters, when a yoma comes to their towns or villages, they search for help from the organization “Claymore”.

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