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Claymore-1 Claymore-2 In dark times people are terrified by the disaster yoma. These are creatures that can look exactly like humans, but there true identity is hunger, the hunger for human flesh and blood. But who could protect people from them? The only salvation is the organization Claymore and their “silver eyed witches” (also called “claymore”). But still, people are so horrified, that they are afraid by those who could help them. Actually people are scared by everything and everybody.
And while hiding in their houses, around them are fought battles of death and life, Claymore’s battles with Yoma and awakened. Some people are ready to partly sacrifice their human identity with a single goal- to kill yomi, the awakened and their relation and this way to protect people. Exactly those are the members of the Organization. But it seems that something is wrong with it. Claymore-3 Claymore-4
The anime Claymore is filled with loads of middle age style battles, but the real meaning is somewhere else. At the background of the battles we can see usual human emotions, fear, hate (born by the fear), but also friendship, courage and sense of justice. If you posses human emotions, then you are still human.
Translated from Bulgarian language by:Allegra
Autor: OmegaKO
Added by: OmegaKO
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