Code Geass - Kururugi Suzaku

Kururugi Suzaku is the first and best friend of Lelouch. They know each other since childhood. They meet each other during a war between the independent Japan and the Hole Empire Britain. At the age of ten he already has his own ideology on life. According to him there shouldnt be anymore wars and human casualties. Suzaku tries to stop his father from a new and long lasting war. His father is the minister of Japan at that time. But in the end Suzaku kills his own father with the hope that all the fighting will stop. Years later he meets Lelouch again, by accident, and that marks the start of their friendship. Despite the fact that Suzaku doesn't want wars he works as a military fighter for the British army. He wants to change the system from within and that is the difference between Suzaku and Lelouch. Lelouch wants to fight from the other side of the baricade. After a short amount of time Suzaku join the academy in which Lelouch and Kallen are. He slowly starts to climb up the ladder of ranks in the British empire. He pilots the mech called Lancelot. Suzaku accidentally meets a girl with the name of Euphemia, which as luck would have it turns out to be one of the empire's princesses. In season one of the anime Kururugi plays an important role in stopping Zero and his followers. That's the difference between the empire and the rebels supported by Zero. One of the most important qualities of a young warrior is his courage, sense of justice and even kindness. But sadly his ideology for changing the world is blinding him.
Translated from bulgarian language by Shakdun (
Autor: Tkk Zero
Added by: MSK
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