Code Geass - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is the main character in Code Geass and that's exactly why in this article i will try to take my time writing it. At first sight Lelouch is a student at an elite school. And he accidentally gained the power Geass. By accident or not he isn't an ordinary person. Lelouch is the ex-candidate for the throne of the Holy Britain Empire. Why ex? Because after the death of his mother, Lelouch demits the throne. When he was young there was an attack against his family and him. His mother dies and his little sister lost her legs. Lelouch was determined to find out who was behind the attack. The reason for the attack which left his sister, Nunnally Lamperouge, disabled and blind. Lelouch is a very smart and intelligent person and thanks to that the Geass he uses turns out to be even more powerful. Lelouch becomes a terrorist known as Zero. Zero covers his true identity with a mask. He is the head of a terrorist organization called The Order of the Black Knights. Their goal is Sector 11 to become an independent and neutral Japan once more. But zero doesn't think exactly like that. his main goal is the Empire not independent Japan. But Lelouch is forced to live a double life. Through out the day he is a student and at night he becomes Zero. Its hard for him to keep his identity a secret but he manages somehow. Zero's success is a result of his ability to take important decisions fast and of his brilliant mind. His way of thinking is unique. Without hesitation we can put him in the psycho category. Lelouch is considered to be the most popular of the anti-heroes in the anime world. Many of his fans think he is like Yagami Raito from Death Note. And in reality there is some resemblance between the two characters. But somehow Zero is a bit ahead of Yagami Raito. His ability to get out of any situation and his razor sharp mind make him unique. He is mentally healthy and he doesn't get full of himself (well at least not as much as Yagami). We cant overlook his ability - the Geass. Using it allows Lelouch to manipulate everyone he wants. But he cant use it more then once against the same person. Zero manages to use the Geass in tight situations. Lelouch is surrounded by many girls. One of which is C.C. Since she gave Lelouch his Geass ability he owes her. Another interesting character around Lelouch is Kallen Stadtfeld. She is extremely loyal to him. If you see Code Geass end to end you WILL like this character.

Summary: Lelouch is a person with an extraordinary and sharp mind, intelligent, mentally stable with uniqueness and finesse.
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