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In 2010 The Holy Empire of Britannia attacks Japan. The reasons for the war are not cleared. But the war already a fact. It ends extremely fast and the winner is Britannia. But this victory is possible thanks only to the new robotic weapons. Britannia uses human like machines called Knightmare Frame. After loosing the war, Japan becomes part of Britannia and is called Area 11 . All the citizens of this sector are called Elevens and are treated as unequal.
Seven years later Lelouch Lamperouge accidentally becomes witness and involves himself in a battle between the Britannia’s army and a terrorist organization, which fights for Japan’s freedom and independence. Lelouch finds his friend from childhood, Suzaku, who has become part of the Britannia’s army. Together they find a tide up girl, who has actually been in the terrorists’ truck all along. They rescue her. But the Britannia’s army declared them as terrorists and tries to kill them. In this moment the mysterious girl gives Lelouch a special ability called Geass. Thanks to it they stay alive. But that is just the beginning of their epic story. Lelouch appears to be an ex prince of Britannia. His mother has been killed and his sister becomes a cripple, both in an assassination against them. He wants to revenge his mother’s death, and also to make the world a better place for his little sister. The Geass, which he has, is in one of his eyes, and with it he can manipulate everyone who looks at it. But the Geass can only be used one time against a person. He has powers, but is still in danger, so Lelouch is determined to get associated with the so called terrorists. Together they manage to destroy the Britannia’s forces in the area. Lelouch becomes famous through the world with the name Zero. For him war is like a chess game. But is the Empire with the same opinion? This you will find out if you watch Code Geass!
Code Geass is considered as one of the best animes during the “winter2006- spring2007” season. Has received many awards including “most popular song”. Rewarded as best anime for 2007 in the international anime fair in Tokyo. The opening, the ending and the music of the anime are extremely good. I would rate it 10/10. The thing that captures me in it is the fast progress of the plot. Here you won’t see any kind of soup operas as in Naruto and others. The demographic category of the anime is seinen. In this series you’ll enjoy drama, action and the spicy fanservice.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: Teh One MSK
Added by: MSK
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