D.Gray-man - Akuma

12 When someone close to you dies, would you give anything to bring him back to life? Exactly this human weakness uses the Millennium Earl. To achieve this you must call the person close to you, from the bottom of your heart, so he can hear you and come back to life. That’s how the Millennium Earl truly brings your beloved ones back to life, but as his servants called akuma(in translation from Japanese “akuma” means “demon”, but in context of this anime means "zombie"). The first order of every akuma usually is to kill the one who has called him. The main ability of akumas is looking like ordinary humans. That’s how every akuma can live between the unsuspecting people and could be very difficult to recognize. In a certain moment the akuma takes its true form, which usually looks something like a blown up skeleton with many weapons or holes (used as cannon). 3 Every akuma has different abilities and with time, evaluates and obtains new powers. Of course, these creatures, even with human souls, don’t have their own will and always obey their master’s orders. They turn into slaves and have only one salvation - to be exorcised. For this are taking care the exorcists from the Black Order. In the battles against the akumas, the exorcists are sacrificing their lives, to provide safety for humans destroying the akumas, but with their destruction they actually set free their soles and let them rest in peace. Unfortunately, there is a possibility, that the master of an akuma can give them order to self destroy. Then the soul that lived in the akuma is lost forever.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: OmegaKO
Added by: OmegaKO
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