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The story in the anime Date A Live follows the life of Shidou. He is a student of Raizen High School. On first glance he is a normal young man without any extraordinary abilities. Aside from his ordinary life, he is taking care of his little sister Kotori. Thirty years have passed since a spacequake hit the center of Eurasia and took the life of one hundred and fifty million people. After this tragedy often there were smaller spacequakes. For preventing more casualties there was created a warning system. When it triggers it signals for evacuation of all people in the certain region. Headed towards evacuation after a warning for incoming spacequake Shidou remembers that he has to meet his sister. Realizing the threat for her life he immediately begins searching for her. In the end Kotori turns out to be in a safe place. Shidou becomes a witness of a spacequake and sees an unfamiliar girl called Touka to come out from the created crater. Right after they meet, she enters in a battle with other girls which are using special fighting costumes.
Translayed by Scorpion
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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