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The story of Dragon ball is developed in three seasons. They are Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Soon it will be released Dragon Ball Kai, which will show the events from Z, but the action will be progress much faster, without all the unnecessary moments. The trilogy is showing the adventures of Goku, a child which is send to destroy Earth. Fortunately he hits his head in a terrifying accident and has amnesia – he forgets his mission and starts living on Earth like a joyful and naïve child.

Despite his normal life Goku has an inhuman power, because he is a saiyan(saiya-jin) and has to learn how to use it in order to protect Earth, his home. His enemies are countless villains, whose goal is to collect the Dragon balls. According to a legend whoever collects all seven dragon balls, which are scattered all over the planet, will be granted a wish. And one’s wish will be fulfilled no matter what it is. During his adventures Goku meats many new friends and makes some of his enemies join him, and all the way he keeps Earth out of trouble.

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