Dragon Ball - Saiyan levels

Oozaru: The Saiyans , whose tail wasn’t cut off, have the ability of transforming into giant monkeys, when they look at the full moon. Their power and strength increases 10 times in this shape. Not all Saiyans can control themselves in this form (in the anime we see Goku and Gohan who can’t).
Super Saiyan An old legent tells that every 1000 years a special Saiyan child is born, who posseses enourmous power, called Super Saiyan. The first who manages to achieve this phase is Goku in his battle with Frieza, when he sees his best friend Krillin being killed. The marks of this phase is that his hair straightens and becomes blonde, and his eyes are green. Also the aura of the Super Saiyan is yellow.
Super Saiyan 2: This level was achieved by the son of Goku, Gohan, during a battle against Cell. Gohan, provoked by Cell, and watching his friends being defeded one by one, is drivem mad and transformes. The speed and strength increase dramatically. There is also lightening around his aura.
Super Saiyan 3: Goku achieves this form for the first time, in the Other World, during his battle with Buu. The hair remains blonde, but is much longer and the eyebrows disappear. The strength is increased hugely. .
Super Saiyan 4: For this level to be achieved, one must transform into an Oozaru first and remain in control of one’s actions. The body is covered with fur and the hair remains black. The two who have achieved this form are Goku and Vegeta.

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