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Full Metal Panic The world is always in danger of terrorist attacks. This is the main reason for the creation of numerous organizations aimed at neutralizing and destroying the terrorist organizations throughout the world. Mithril is one of these organizations but it is not quite like the others - it is the strongest one. It executes various missions throughout the whole world in the name of world peace.
This is the place where our main character, sergeant Sagara Souske, appears. His mission is to go to Tokyo and to guard a person named Kaname Chidori.
Eventually he finds out that this person is actually a beautiful 16-years old girl who leads a normal teen life but meanwhile considered, by many terrorist organizations, to be a very valuable weapon. Mithril know that she can be very dangerous if she gets in the wrong hands because she is a, so called, "whisper". The "whispers" are considered to have a valuable information about a dark technology, so Mithril send sergeant Souske on this mission.
Souske and Chidori meet each other really incredibly! The weird new student in her class follows her everywhere under the pretext that it is a clear coincidence. The 16-year old sergeant, who never had a teen life, gets to the edge of his abilities trying to accomplish the mission. Meanwhile, he and Chidori become closer and closer...
The combination of action and comedy is fantastic. The effect of the encounter of 2 really different ways of life is very interesting. The plot of the anime is built on deep human feelings, combined with a lot of action and even more comedy.
Full Metal Panic deserves the title "Magnificent Anime".
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: Zanpakto
Added by: Zanpakto
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