Garo: The Animation - Leon

Leon is a seventeen old son of the “Makai Knight” German who is also known as Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight. Unlike his father Leon is his total opposite. He knows the value of money and wouldn’t give them for easy women. He wants to become more powerful and to fully control Garo the Golden Knight’s powers. Sadly Leon is totally bent on the idea of revenge for his mother’s death. That blinds him and hinders his progress. When he wears Garo’s armor, he sometimes loses control and goes mad. Because of that a contract with the “Zaruba” ring is required, Zaruba is actually a “horror” who is used by Garo’s owners for millennia. Thanks to it, the holder can control the armor, but in exchange the ring borrows his bearer’s life once a day every month during a full moon. On the outside Leon is easily distinguished from the other characters. He’s of normal height, thin, with red spiky hair.

Translated by Malygos
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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