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The interest towards this anime by his fans prompted us to see it. And, yes, this is a title that should be seen. To see how witch much budget one can always become a disgrace or not fully achieve the desired effect. One of the reasons to watch episode 01 of this anime is that the product of studio MAPPA, which issue Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis). I was not interested in the details, but the studio is relatively new and was founded by the former founder of Madhouse.

The anime is titled "Garo" and is based on the TV horror drama that aired between 2005 and 2006. Probably a spin-off project. The first episode does not leave me with a very pleasant impression. The animation is average, I would say a tolerable level. If something sets me off, that is the CGI elements that do not fit well and are quite colorful at times, almost irritating.

The story begins with observing an execution of a witch by an ailing King. It seems that he was misled by his entourage. And just when we think that the witch will burn at the stake, things change. The door of the royal hall opens and a knight full in armour bypasses all the royals, jump from the terrace in the burning pile and saves the life of a newborn child of the witch. This whole scene of me personally seemed quite absurd and illogical, I forgot to mention CGI visualization of the fantasy armor knight. Then plot gives us the opportunity to meet with already-grown boy Leon. Looking for his father, who at the time is having fun with a hussy. The scene is animated with interesting techniques. If you do not know by now, the anime is for 17+ audience and I'm not sure whether it is suitable for women, based on what we saw from the first episode. German, father of Leon, after intercourse ultimately shows that he was not just having fun with the chick, which actually is a "horror" (kind of demon), but has come in order to execute it. Horrors take control over their preys and behave like them while feeding on new victims. After a good dose of battle scenes the Horror is neutralized. Ultimately we understand that Leon and German are returning to their country to try to put things in their right place. But there the king has completely gone mad and even drove his son and wife away. Fight for the throne is yet to begin. This Anime should be given a chance, although it is rare practice to do animation based on TV series. The design of the characters is identical to that of the other airing title. Another reason to watch it is the script written by Yasuko Kobayashi. She has worked on Attack on Titan, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (1999) and Claymore.
Translated by Malygos
Autor: MSK
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