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Anime, which I started with no expectations at all. But with every minute passed it was taking my attention away. Gugure! Kokkuri-san is not like the typical flat comedy titles. The parody and the comedy in the first episode are worthy even for anime like Gintama. If you are well familiar with it, most likely will be really easy for you to watch Gugure! Kokkuri-san.

The main character in the story is a young girl called Kohina. She pretends to be an emotionless doll. One day she summons the ghost of Kokkuri-san, who is long forgotten from the society. He looks like a fox or at least has similar ears. Immediately starts taking care for Kohina’s healthy life, who has stock of cup noodles. The girl pays almost no attention to him. The whole first episode is consisted from situational comedy mini stories. Most likely the whole anime will be like that. The irony, the parody and the comedy are very strongly highlighted. It lacks the simple humor, at least from what I’ve seen until now. The opening gave me a nice and funny feeling. In the anime we can see very interesting characters and that peaks my interest to watch at least couple more episodes. The ending however is nothing much. Realistically I wouldn’t remember these elements after a year or so, but the main characters are interesting and give impression, although I do not consider them too original. The animation is not some master piece, but my experience with animes taught me, that this is the last factor for a good anime. In this title there is a lot promise and potential for development.
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