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In reality the name of the anime is Kidō Shinseiki Gandamu Ekkusu or Mobile New Century Gundam X. And after a while it gets known as After War Gundam X. And there is a reason for this. This particular part of the Gundam universe takes advantage of after war times. A war that we can safely call Apocalypse. 99% of earths inhabitants is wiped out, and the continents look like Swiss cheese. The two countries in war were - The Earth Federation and Space Revolutionary Army... After failing to come to terms with each other, SRA does the unthinkable - the space colonies are taken out of orbit and despite the federations attempts they fall to Earth. This event marks the beginning of the new time laps - After the war.

Earth is turned into a piece of Swiss cheese and from all the people in the world there is just a handful that survived... At this stage we see Garrod Ran, who single handedly stops a Zakku robot, piloted by some freelancing bandit. In the scene a male with a black coat who hires our hero to save a girl by the name of Tiffa Adill, who is on board "The Vulture" - a hovercraft belonging to a group who's main goal is searching for more valuable leftover parts, nuts and bolts and everything that can be sold for a good price. Not only that but the crew is looking for people called "The New Kind" having a huge mental potential - telepathy, telekinesis and such. And so the wheel spins until the moment that Garrod and Tiffa find the 15 year old nightmare - Gundam X - the machine that should have stopped the apocalypse.
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