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Seles(Seras) Victoria is young, blond girl, with blue eyes and not very tall. At first she is a policeman, but after she is made a vampire by Alucard goes into the Hellsing organization. She is being drawn in two different ways. In the anime series by Gonzo she wears blue uniform, and in the Hellsing OVA it’s orange. Seres is a very comic character, fascinating in her own way, she is also brave and loves humans. She even refuses to drink medical blood. And this troubles her to show her full powers, even though, it’ just a matter of time for her to taste human blood. Typical for Victoria is using big rifles and cannons. .

Seles in OVA/ Manga/Anime


The closest to the manga character is Seles in the Helsing OVA. The differences in this character, in the anime and the OVA series are huge. In the manga Seles is a comical hero. But in the anime she looks too soft and a bit of a coward and this is not correct. Her dark side is not shown in the anime. In the manga Seras is called by Alucard “Police girl”.

Extra information.

We in AnimeRulezzz have decided that the most correct way of spelling her name is Seles/Seras Victoria. You may see it written Selas/Seres.

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