1. What is Jabber?

Jabber is an IM (Instant Messenger) service, like ICQ, MSN and other.

2. What is the difference then? Unlike other IM services Jabber is decenteralized, which means that it doesn't depend on one computer or network. Take ICQ for instance. You have to go to the ICQ site, register your name (number) and password, which you use to log in their server. In Jabber you can choose a random server/net, in which to register and for address you receive nick@server (like in e-mails). This way everyone can socialize with other people no matter which network you use. You can create your own network without worrying that you will be isolated from others.

3. Does Jabber offer any extras?

The answer is yes:
  • You conversations can't be listened from a 3rd party.
  • Option for avatars.
  • You can send files.
  • Chat (not all servers have this option, but it doesn't stop you from using the service from a different server).
  • You can search for other users.
  • Connection with IRC/ICQ/AOL/Yahoo/MSN (not required).

    4. How can I choose a server?

    Choosing for a server is like choosing a provider. Thare are a lot of public servers in which you can register for example: jabber.org, jabber.minus273.org or jabber.bglinux.org (the last two are bulgarian). Ours is animerulezzz.org. It is public too.

    5. How do I connect to this servers?

    You will need a Jabber client, of course. The choice is really big. The full list of clients you can find here. You can download Psi (one of the clients) from our server here.

    6. How do I register? If the server which you want to register in, is public, you can do it through the client. i will show you how to do it with Psi, which you can download from our Download section or form its site.

  • Download and install the software. After the installation is done, start the client and the window for creating a new account should appear. It looks like this:
    In the "Name" field enter the name which you want to appear in your list. ATTENTION: This is not your nick-name, it is the name that helps the client to distinguish the different accounts. Then click the box and press "Add". A new window appears:
    In the "Jabber ID" field enter the desired nickname in the format nick @server. For example, if you want your nick to be "juliet" and the server "animerulezzz.org", your ID would be "juliet@animerulezzz.org". After that choose "SSL encrypting" and press "Register". If the name is not taken you will get this warning:
    Press "Continue". If everything is alright, you should get this message:

    After you press OK, a new window appears. You can adjust your option from here. Choose the "account" tab and then "Auto connect on startup" and "Auto connect when disconnected".
    Click on the "Connection" tab and choose "Ignore SSl warnings", so you would not get the previous warning ever time you connect.
    You can make additional options if you want. After you are finished press "Save". You should see only the Psi window (the one with the list), but if you don't see it, you can press the little star (it will be black at the moment, but when you connect the star becomes yellow) next to the computer clock. You should see the name of the account in the window. Right-click and from the "Status" tab choose "Online". If you did not fill personal information 2 windows will pop-up, one of them will indicate an error:
    Don't worry about this, just close them and fill the information in the previous window (if you wish to do so). After that click "Save" and "Close". Congratulations, you have a new account!

    7. Where can I find additional information about Jabber?


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