Kingdom - Ei Sei (Ying Zheng)

Ei Sei (Ying Zheng) is the rightful ruler of the Qin province. Ironically he spent most of his life in captivity, while his father was an accomplished ruler. Ei Sei is just fourteen years old when he has to fight for his life. One of his enemies is his younger brother who carried out his treacherous plans. With the help of Hyou who is a lookalike to the king, Ei Sei manages to escape the capital. While he’s waiting for help Shin barges in on him. They don’t like each other in the beginning, but on the verge of being killed by an assassin Ei Sei provokes Shin to become his “sword”. After they kill the assassin, their fate is to meet with the mountain child Ten. Their new friend helps them to escape the pursuing division.

They meet Shou Bun Kun (Chang Wen Jun) in the mountains hidden summer king’s residence, where they rest along with their subordinates. In the meantime they come up with a plan to vanquish the coup. For the plan to succeed they‘ll need the help of the mountain tribes, but they’re not that favorably disposed towards the people of Qin, because of an old grudge against them.

Ei Sei and politics.

Ei Sei is a good warrior, whose true power is politics. As a future heir to the throne of the Qin province he repeatedly had to maneuver between his principled position and his opponents' positions. Sadly his allies in the court are few and weak. He’s depended on Prime Minister Ryo Fui (Lü Buwei), who’s the man that holds the entire power of the state in his hands. In time Ei Sei manages to strengthen his position and shows that he’s no puppet. His majesty’s fighting spirit is what earns him the sympathy of the people. With the building of aqueducts, canals and other projects which benefit the people the king wins the people to his side.

Ei Sei’s childhood is rough, while in captivity in another country his mother rejects him. According to her it’s him that ruined her life. The pain and suffering leaves him insensible and anger fills his entire being. With the help of an infamous smuggler Ei Sei is saved, the price being a lot of human lives. His ten years of absence from the Qin province is one of the reasons behind the coup. After he quells the coup Ei Sai spares his brother’s traitorous life and makes him his prisoner. This move brings him a lot of dividends in the future.

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