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Ancient China is at the end of the end of the Warring States period. When China was formed there were one-hundred provinces, but as the war progressed they were narrowed down to seven. Who were the strongest. A young king and his war orphan friend want to end these long years of war. And to unite the states into one strong, powerful and unbeatable Empire.
The story begins with two war orphans Shin(Xin) and Hyou(Piao), boys who have spent most of their childhood in battles, trials and trainings. They have a dream, to become the best generals in all of China. As war orphans they’d have to live and work for other people. Fortunately for them they can escape all the misery with the help of their war efforts. In war even the poorest can enter (as long as they have some sort of property). Shin and Piao hope that they can earn a lot of achievements in the wars. That way they can earn money, land and rinse in ranks. And ultimately the general title.
One day while they duel, they’re noticed by a middle-aged man, Shou Bun Kun(Chang Wen Jun). Astounded by Hyou’s resemblance to the king, Shou Bun Kun decides to invite him to the palace. Hyou is faced with a dilemma which is to accept the tempting offer or to follow his dream!? He takes the tough decision which is actually backed and encouraged by Shin. That’s how the beginning of those two boy’s ascension in rank begins.
Out of the blue Hyou finds himself at Shin with a plea for help. The young king Ei Sei(Zheng Ying) must be saved. The entire future of the state of Qin depends on that. Shin handles the hired assassin that’s sent to kill the king, right after he finds him. Shin can’t believe his eyes!!! The King and Hyou are practically twins. The little Ten saves them by smuggling them by a secret passage in the hill.
After that there is no other turning back for Shin. He has to choose to either fight alongside Sei or to jump into the unknown. Sei is the rightful heir to the throne with a lot of enemies and too little allies. In the capital of Xianyang, Sei Kyou(Jiao Cheng) backed by prime minister Ketsushi(Jie Shi) has made a coup d'ètat.

Anime/ manga Kingdom

Yasuhisa Nara is the author of the manga. Diligence is the typical thing with which he manages to turn his work into a real masterpiece. Kingdom’s serialization started at 2006’s Weekly Young Jump (weekly magazine which publishes seinen titles). The manga turns into a hit and has 34 volumes serialized so far (06.2014th). Not long after the author gets a proposal for an anime. Director of the first season is Jun Kamiya and the studio which works on the project is Pierrot (which animated stuff like: Bleach, Beelzebub, Naruto SD, Tokyo Ghoul and many others). The first season manages to achieve good results. A year later the second season is released by the same studio, but this time the director is Akira Iwanaga and to be honest under his directing all the cons of the first season are removed. The second season is accepted better by the anime fans and reaps an even greater success.
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