Kingdom - Shin

Shin is the main hero of “Kingdom”. He’s 14 years old in the beginning of the story. He lives together with his best friend Hyou. Shin has a thin figure and not very tall. His black hair is tied in a tail on his back. He often reacts without thinking. Thinking is not one of his strong sides, you may say he doesn’t know what the word “tactic” means. Shin counts a lot on his strong swing, which is why his fighting skills are so good. He’s prepared for every occasion, even escaping captivity. When he meets Ei Sei he behaves cold towards him and also blames him for everything that happened and often argues with him. After they become friends, Shin continues to disrespect his royal status and talk to him freely. Ei Sei is not his only friend, the mountain child Ten also becomes one of his good friends and the three of them pass through a lot of trials and adventures.

Shin and the warriors

Shin joins the army because he wants to become the greatest general in entire China. When the groups of five establish, no one pays any attention to him. Everyone ignores him because of his plain looks and small size. He finally gets into the last group labeled “the weakest”, where he meets his new comrade – Kyo Kai (Qiang Lei). Because of him and Kai they manage to protect their group without suffering any casualties. Based on what Xin achieves on the battle field, he reaches the rank commander of a hundred men. After the successful first campaign against Wei his name becomes to spread. His group gains the name “Hi Shin Unit” (Flying Shin Unit) directly from the legendary general Ou Ki (Wang Yi). Under his command they fight against the aggressors of Zhao.

After 34 volumes of manga Xin has reached the ranked commander on five thousand men. He has taken part in a number of large campaigns. In each of them he rakes up a lot of achievements. He even successfully kills general Rinko.

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