Kino`s Journey - Kino

The story begins in a country called “The Land of the Adults”. In this country, after finishing 12 year, every child becomes an adult after receiving a special operation. Nobody knows what is done during it but after having one, whatever you are doing, even if you hate it, you’ll be doing it with a smile on your face. This operation was invented because the adults have to do many things they don’t like. When the young, 11 year old, main character, is about to become 12, just in two days, in the country arrives a 30 year old explorer Kino. He stays in a hotel, owned by the character’s parents. Without even realizing it, he changes the opinion of the young girl about the operation. Meanwhile, he finds an old, abandoned motorcycle, and starts fixing it, with the idea of naming it Hermes, after his old friend. In the day of the operation the little girl refuses to be operated and all the citizens turn against her, and try to kill her. While trying to protect her, Kino looses his life. In this moment the motor speaks to her and suggests that the two of them should escape. If she stays she would definitely be killed, so she decides to listen to the talking motorcycle and leave the country with him. Since this moment she starts using the name Kino. Not long after escaping she meets a 55-60 year old woman who takes them in. The old lady is called “The Master” and is an expert with guns. While living with her Kino learns all of hers fighting skills. The young Kino wants to apologies to the family of the real Kino, and that’s why she leaves on a short journey. The mother of the real Kino is mentally ill and tries to kill the girl, but her revolver saves her and that’s when she kills for the first time. Some time later, she decides to follow the steps of the real Kino and starts traveling around the world with Hermes.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: djhot
Added by: djhot
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