Kino`s Journey - Overview

”The world is not beautiful.” With these words, somehow contradictious with the name of the anime, it starts. The young 15 year old Kino, who has very good fighting skills and is very skillful with guns, travels the world with her talking bike Hermes. The two friends are explorers, who have left themselves on the luck, to take them from one country to another. But no matters in which country they are in they never stay for more than three day. Each country is more interesting than the previous, but at the same time they are very all sad. The story is divided into parts and each one is named after the country in which Kino is staying. Like “The Land of the Visible Pain”, “The Land of Peace”, “The Land of Wizards”. In each the wonderful stories have complicated hidden thoughts, which show how stupid, hypocritical, cruel, narrow-minded… people can be. I will never forget the ending words the first episode: “The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.”

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: djhot
Added by: djhot
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