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The story in Love Hina is about one childish promise - Urashima Keitaro has to be accepted in the Tokyo University where he can be forever with his beloved one, because it is believed that if two people are accepted together they will be together forever. But the things are not going the way he wants to - Keitaro fails again. What is he supposed to say to his parents? The only option is to stay with his grandmother and to find himself a job. When everything seems to get in place his grandma suddenly decides to go on a trip around the world and leaves him to be a manager of a women hostel. You would say that this is great but not if you were in his place because everything he does is considered to be pervert and he always gets hit by a slap/kick/handle of a broom/blade of a sword depending on the ocasion.
Translated from bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: DarkWolf
Added by: DarkWolf
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