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There is no way we can't mention this anime. My expectations weren’t anything special, but this title surprised me.

The first episode leaves us in the dark in terms of story. At the start of the anime under the background of a battlefield we see a slender dame standing with her sword pointed towards a man clothed in green. The opening starts afterwards, after which we see the same man who is limping on the battlefield and is wondering how all of this happened. And this is where the interesting part of the anime starts. It is revealed that this is our main character, Tigrevurmud Vorn, the best archer in the country. We see him face the woman that we saw in the beginning of the show who turns out to be the main female character, Eleonora Viltaria. She is a war maiden and as such possesses powers that exceed those of ordinary people — a testament to this is her sword Arifar that has the power to control wind. After the meeting between the two main characters we are brought back to the moment before the start of the battle where we in a sense finally have a glimpse of what is going on in the anime.

Aside from the presence of some scenes with fanservice, which leaves a slightly foul taste in the mouth of the viewer, although the anime is quite good.
The story gets more interesting with every passing episode and we manage to find out more and more about the world in which the plot is set. I myself would like to get more details because I still don't have a good enough vision on the political-military map of the show. Three separate kingdoms are shown, each having its ace in the sleeve which can turn the course of battles in their favor.
The animation is very smooth and pleasant for the eyes. The battles are very dynamic and well thought out strategically which is something that not many anime can be praised of. Of course, most the battles are filled with the main characters and their magic weapons but at least we're given a lot of good visual effects to enjoy. The characters, however, look very stereotypically, but this is an advantage from my perspective because I have seen many attempts at characters being drawn a bit differently which have crumbled because they do not catch the eyes of the viewer. The music opening of the show is very inspiring and I listen to it in every episode, which isn't something that a lot of anime can be proud of. The music ending of the anime is made a bit more dramatic and is pleasant for the ears but I myself skip it because I'm more interested in seeing what to expect from the next episode.

From what I've seen so far, the anime has a decent progression and I can safely say that it's worth your attention.
Autor: Malygos
Added by: MSK
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