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Ah, that 'Monster'! Any time I try to write about that particular anime, I need to take a deep breath. I'm xcited! It's not for just anyone. Hard to swallow. Despite all of that, it's one of the best in its genre. It is one of those animes/mangas that are not overestimated by its fans. "piece of art" is an understatement when we speak about 'Monster'.
'Monster' is tough to digest. It is not your average shonen, that you could binge on. It is hard for me to imagine anyone going through it in 2-3 days. 'Monster' demands its time! One of the best psycho-thrillers ever made, mixed with elements of the horror and mystery genres. An excelent seinen I strongly recommend, not for the faint of heart. The soundtrack is perfectly synced with the atmosphere of the anime, and has the potential to become a worthy synonym of 'Monster'. The music becomes a key element, when combined with Naoki Urasawa's story.
The plot revolves around Kenzo Tenma's life - promising young doctor. His engagement for the hospital's director's daughter is his ticket for an outstanding career. Kenzo's life is calm and simple, until the day a pair of severely wounded twins are brought. While one of the kids is at the edge, Kezo is commanded to operate a wealthy persona. Tenma is in a dilemma - to operate on the rich, or save the child's life! What would you choose - a prestigeous career or your humanity? Without a second thought, Tenma saves the kid's life! Kenzo's actions enrage his future father-in-law. His whole social life goes to ruins, his fiancee leaves him. All due to 'health' being business in that hospital! The rich will live, the wealthy will prosper, but what's left for the poor- who does care for them? Tenma maybe?
After that faithful day, Tenma's life is a nightmare. He is accused for his colleagues and the director's murders. All evidence points at him. Whom else would have the motives? After all, Tenma has already lost everything. It's the beginning of an endless game of hide and seek in yet ununified Germany, where the Belin Wall is unmanageble obsticle before 'freedom'.
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