My Father (part 1) - The truth

Suddenly I was in a big room. It was dark and it smelled like mould. About a meter on my left side a torch was blinking. I approached it. The torch was on an engraved metal stance. I looked around. I couldn't see a wall nearby. I looked down. The floor was built out of accurately arranged stone tiles. While I was standing and wondering what to do, I felt a movement behind me. I turned around, but I didn't see anything. I felt a whiff on my right side. This scared me a little bit. A few moments later I thought I saw a shadow passed by the torch, but I wasn't sure.
I looked at the torch again. It was burning the same way as if nothing happened. "Where am I?" - I asked myself frozen by fear.
Everything was okay for a while.
Suddenly the torch went out. I totally panicked.
A few moments later torches around me started to light in a circle.
I became pale! The flame was going from blue to white.
I heard a voice and words that I could not understand.
Then a scream followed and all torches suddenly went out. Everything went dark. I almost went crazy.
I felt an arm on my shoulder which shook me very hard.
- Wake up, you lazy boy!
I opened my eyes. It was the same dream that keeps haunting me but I did not have time to think about it.
- But...grandpa - I said drowsily.
- No "but"-s. Today is a market day.
Maybe some people would get excited about a day like this but not me. My grandfather had animals, a small farm and even smaller gaarden. The "market day" meant that we have to prepare ourselves for a trip. We had to go to the city to sell our products.
Unwilling and with drowsy steps I advanced to the kitchen.
There were scrambled eggs, cheese and bread on the table. I enjoyed my breakfast.
In about an hour later we were ready to go. We loaded everything on the wagon and we set off to the city. The day was hot and you could barely withstand it. 3-4 hours later we were at the market.
We were selling everything - from fruits and vegetables to jewelries and parfumes. Clients were coming to our stand to buy, but I soon noticed that my grandpa was not feeling well. Maybe he was sick but everytime I asked him, he was saying that he is okay.
The market day was finally over and we put the remaining goods on the wagon. Eventually we were pleased that not much had remained.
I looked to grandpa again. He did not look good.
- Grandpa, what's up with you?
- Nothing, my boy. Nothing It is probably from the sun but I will get better. Don't worry.
I was pleased with the answer and I decided not to ask him again.
We arrived at home in the evening and while we counted the earned money granndpa lost conciousness for a second. He almost fell down but I managed to grab him. I put him in his bedand I decided to call the doctor.
We waited a long time until the doctor came. He examined him and looked at me with troubled eyes. He called me outside the room and told me that grandpa was oberheated by the strong sun during the day. He also told me that it is a whole miracle that grandpa is still alive. Tears filled my eyes. I did not have the courage to go in the room because I did not wanted grandpa to see me crying. The doctor gave me some pain-reducing medications and left.
I was standing alone in the hall I was wondering what i was going to do without grandpa. I almost managed to prevent the tears in my eyes from going out. "I have to be calm to not scare grandpa" - I said to myself and entered the room.
He was asleep. I watched him for about an hour when he finally opened his eyes and looked at me.
- Leshi, it is obvious that I will not survive 'till tomorrow - said grandpa with tired voice.
- No, grandpa. You... - I started to talk buut he interrupted me.
- Do you remember that, everytime you asked me about your parents, I was that some day I will explain everything?
- Huh? "What does grandpa mean by that?"
- The day has come - proceeded grandpa and coughed.
I got worried that he could throw up but he continued:
- I am not your grandfather. We are not even relatives.
These words confused me but there was no time to think about it.
- I don't know your mother. Your father arrived in the village from far away with you. You were little then and you don't remember. I gave him a job and he lived here for nearly half an year...
He coughed again but this time he spitted blood. I got scared but he forced himself and continued:
- People were saying that he walking in ceneteries but I did not believe it. One morning I woke up and he was not at home. "Where could he be?" - I asked myself. I don't know way but I went straight to the village cemetery.
A brief stop followed because grandpa was about to throw up but he did not do it, he actually continued the story:
I did not believe the stories but I looked for him there. When I arrived, I saw something terrible...His clothes from the other they were cluttered and there were cards alongside. I took the cards and examined them. There were some awkward pictures on them and under them were some strange symbols. I didn't understand them but I collected them anyway. They are in the old cabinet foe which I told you was full of old stuff. This was my little lie. Now go and ge... - he almost said and he went to sleep in his internal dream.
To be continuied...

Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)

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