Naruto - Haruno Sakura (春野サクラ)

When Sakura is a little girl, she is very shy and nervous girl. When she's a little kid, her best friend becomes Ino. This friendship is put on a test when they both fall in love in one boy - Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura is a very good student at school. When she grows enough, she's put in Team 7. She's very disappointed when she finds out that Naruto, who she thinks is an idiot, is in her team. Her mood gets better when the next member of the team is announced - Uchiha Sasuke. When Sasuke is arround, she tries everything to make him to like her. On the other hand, Naruto "the fool" is always around her and she often has to punch him, yelling "Stupid", or "Idiot". During the practices and, especially during the missions, she doesn't reveal herself as a strong ninja, but on the other hand her second "I" - the Inner Sakura is speaking. This may seem an useless and stupid skill, but it prooves itself to be very important in her battle against Ino. Then she, with the help from the Inner Sakura, sends off Ino from Sakura's body and denies her opponent an easy victory. In Sakura's life the main part is her love to Sasuke. She is worried for him and she always helps him when he's in trouble.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: OmegaKO
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