Naruto - Hatake Kakashi (はたけカカシ)

He is one of the main characters in the anime. He makes his debute in the third episode. Kakashi is tall, wel-set, spiky silver hair 26-years old man (he is 26 in the first part, while in the second he is 29).
He is quite mysterious character. Due to a unknown to us reason, Kakashi hides his face with a mask. His name literally means "Scarecrow".
He is Yondaime Hokage's student. His teammates were Uchiha Obito and Rin. He is Sakumo Kakashi's son and, like his father, he becomes a legendary ninja in his village.
Hatake Kakashi is a genius shinobi. When he is 5-years old he graduates from the Academy, a year later he becomes Chunin and he becomes Junin at 13. Later he is an ANBU leader.
Kakashi has a special red eye called Sharingan. When time progresses he receives the nickname The Copy Ninja. Thanks to the Sharingan, he manages to copy over 1 000 techniques. Kakashi cannot use the Sharingan at its full extent because he is not a part of the Uchiha clan.
Kakashi uses Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Bloodline Limit Jutsu techniques, including, Forbidden ones, Kinjutsu.
Kakashi is one of the most popular characters in the manga and the anime. He has become a favorite to people throughout the whole world. It does not matter how much I write about him, it is not enough. He is quite interesting character and I will leave it to you to find out. It is possible that I have given you a few spoilers but without them it is hard to make a good article. I hope you liked the article and that it was useful to you.
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