Naruto - Naruto the Movie 2

The full title of the second Naruto movie is `` Naruto the Movie 2: Great Clash! The Illusionary Ruins at the Depths of the Earth``. Its debut in Japan was in 2005. It was animated by Studio Pierrot, the same that is working on the famous ongoing anime series Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach. The movie has a very different character than the others or the series. The art and graphics are really odd. Also there are a few tries for 3D elements, but for me they are quite unsuccessful. The background is also very different. The main idea was to make everything more realistic.
The first scene we see in the movie is the battle between the sand shinobies of Suna and unknown, well armored warriors. And exactly when the sand ninjas are about to lose the battle, Gaara and Kankuro come to help them. The beginning is compelling. We see that the enemy is not just random. After that the act transfers to Shikamaru, Sakura and Naruto, who are also on a mission. Don’t think it’s a C- rank mission or anything special. They have a simple task- to find and bring back a little animal. But this little creature actually is much more important than they thought. Exactly when Naruto and the others, are about to finish their mission, they run into Temujin, a blond boy, wearing an armor and a sword. Not long after their meeting, the Konoha ninjas get in a conflict with him and his armored associates. Naruto uses his favorite technique, the Rasengan, against Temujin, who also fights him back. Unfortunately the result of the battle is falling off the cliff they are standing on. The two boys are saved by a traveling around the world clan. Apparently, the little pet, that was Naruto’s mission, is the clan lost symbol. Unknown why, the creature likes sitting on Temujin’s lap. Is Temujin part of the mysterious clan and how will Naruto affect this story, you can find out only if you watch the movie. In general I liked it. I’ll save you any more spoils and will let you watch it and decide if you like it or not. ;)

Translated from Bulgarian language by:Allegra
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