Naruto - Ninja Clans

  • Uchiha Clan

  • The Uchiha clan has always been one of the strongest families in Konoha, until the day that Uchiha Itachi murders the entire clan, except for his little brother Sasuke. The reason why he has done that is unknown.
    One of the first members of the Uchiha clan is the founder of the Konoha Military Police. Most of the Uchiha members were working in the organization, before they were killed.
    Family’s main ability is the Sharingan, which allows it’s owner to copy opponents techniques and to see through his illusions. It is said that the Sharingan is an advanced form of the Byakugan, which is the Hyuga’s clan main ability. The Sharinagan can evolve in Mangekyo Sharingan. The Uchiha clan uses mainly fire techniques like Goukakyuu no Jutsu and Housenka no Jutsu. No one can call himself an Uchiha without mastering one of the Uchiha fire techniques.
    The Uchiha’s symbol is a fan.

  • Hyuga Clan

  • The Hyuga clan is one of the most respected and powerful clans in Konoha. The clan is separated in two parts- main and branch families. In the main family are all the first born children of the clan. The leader of the main family is Hyuga Hiashi. The secondary (branch) family has to protect the member of the main family. Their leader is Hyuga Hizashi, who is the twin brother of Hiashi, but because he was born second, he was placed in the branch family. His forehead is marked with a symbol, which allows the main family members to control him.
    The most significant technique of the Hyuga family is Byakugan. Through it they can see the chakra flow of their enemy, and it is vital for many of their techniques.
    Hyuga have a very particular way of fighting- they attack the chakra gaps of their opponents.

  • Inuzuka Clan

  • The Inuzuka is one of the smallest clans in Konoha.
    The members of the clan have special bound with animals, and especially dogs. Everyone in the clan has his own dog, which helps them in battles. The connection with the dog is needed for almost every technique.
    The Inuzuka members have strong scent, which helps them sense even the slightest smell. They usually use very aggressive and attacking techniques.
    Impressive Inuzuka technique is Shikakyu no Jutsu, through which the ninja using it gets dog’s features, also becomes faster, stronger and has better scent. Another technique is Juujin Bunshin, which turns the dog into a full copy of his owner. This technique is often followed by Gatsuuga.
    The strongest Inuzuka technique is Soutourou, in which the dog and his owner unite and create a huge two headed wolf.

  • Akimichi Clan

  • As the Inuzuka clan, the Akimichi are also one of the small clans in Konoha. The origin of the clan is unknown.
    The Akimichi clan members use techniques to expand their bodies, and obtain huge powers and strength. A well-known technique of the Akimichi is Buban Baika no Jutsu, which makes one part of the user’s body bigger and stronger. On higher level this technique can expand more than one part of the ninja’s body. The members of the clan are masters in taijutsu, for which they use their huge bodies.
    The Akimichi is famous for it’s “three pills”. These pills give incredible strength and are even able to change the body of the person using them. Although they give such power, they cause huge damage to the organs of the user, and can even lead to death. The pills must be taken in a special order- first green, then yellow and finally red.

  • Aburame Clan

  • The Aburame clan is one of the most extraordinary in Konoha. They are famous with the fact, that when they are born in their bodies are placed living bugs, which are feeding with their chakra and in exchange- help them in battles.
    The techniques, which the members of the clan use, are all including these bugs. They use them for both attack and defense.
    The bugs, living in the bodies of the Aburame clan members, are able to absorb the chakra of their opponent and obtain more strength.
    The members of the clan are famous for their knowledge about different insect species and their secrecy.
    This is for now, but soon expect more information about others of the Naruto clans.

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