Naruto - Uchiha Sasuke (うちはサスケ)

He's a member of the noble clan Uchiha. When he was a small kid, he had always been neglected and Sasuke was always in his big brother's shadow - Itachi. Despite his efforts, he wasn't noticed. Despite all his requests to his father and brother to teach him to ninja techniques, they never had time for him. However, he manages to teach to develop the main ninja technique of the Uchiha clan - Katun Gougaki Ho Jitsy. One day Itachi decides to test his power and destroys the whole v=clan Uchiha. Only Sasuke surviives, who flees in Konoha. He is respected in the village, because of the name of his clan. He becomes one of the most popular boys in school and the girls are mad about him. Sasuke is an introvert and he speaks a little. When he grows up, he's distributed to Team 7 with Naruto and Sakura. Sakura falls in love with Sasuke, but he thinks that she's a weak ninja and she doesn't get his attention. In their first day as a team, Sasuke and Naruto start to argue, because of Sakura, and from then on, they become rivals in everything. During the training, Sasuke shows himself as a strong ninja and he almost outsmarts his teacher Kakashi. During one of the missions, Sasuke shows the Sharingan technique that he later develops to its highest form. His fix-idea is to find his brother Itachi and to avenge for his parents.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: OmegaKO
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