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Title: Angel Beats!
Added by: MSK
Date: 23.07.2013

Angel Beats!

I am fortunate to tell you that the anime Angel Beats has been added to the website! One of the good hits of 2010. The genres below are: action, comedy, drama and fantasy. We have also added the manga and some articles.

We have not added any new titles in the last months mostly because of the upcoming summer break. We decided to give ourselves in to sloth and add a couple of new animes. So buckle up and expect new material.

Title: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo in Animerulezzz
Added by: MSK
Date: 08.04.2013

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

We are glad to announce that after a few months we of Animerulezzz have a new kid in our kindergarten. This time we have the joy of adding the anime – Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo to our collection. This is the work of our friend and comrade Petar “Malygos”. The information for it is in our animepedia and you can also download it from our server. The anime is quite fresh and it’s from the Fall 2012 season (it started in 9.10.2012). We were vigorously watching it to its end, while we were busy preparing for our university exams. It’s a Romance, Drama, Comedy, School themed anime. It’s a little but from the hearth! Await new updates soon!

Title: Bakuman — hot and still burning!
Added by: MSK
Date: 16.11.2012


We can finally boast about presenting our new jewel in our rich collection. Bakuman is a shounen manga/anime series from the authors of Death Note — Tsugumi Ohba (writer) and Takeshi Obata (manga artist — drawings). This is one of the fresh anime and manga titles to be released in the last years and to enjoy an especially big interest from the public. In this work we can find what it is to be a mangaka, as well as touch a world that is not very well-known to us. According to fans, the story of Bakuman is a direct description of the carееr of its authors, as well as their lives.

Written by: MSK
Translated by: sahwar

Title: The World God Only Knows in AnimeRulezzz!
Added by: MSK
Date: 28.09.2012

The World God Only Knows in AnimeRulezzz.

The first anime from our new serving of anime titles is now a fact. You can find articles about this anime in our Animepedia, and it's also available for download from our server. The World God Only Knows is one of the less typical anime title that debuted during the 2012 TV season. Two seasons of it have been released thus far and the manga is ongoing. The anime's genre is: romance, super powers, comedy, shounen and harem.

Written by: MSK
Translated by: sahwar

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