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A world where everything is decided by games, where no one can be intentionally harmed, filled with lots of different races ruled by the one true God. Did you imagine it? Good, because that is the world in which we will embark on. No Game No Life is an anime in which the main characters Sora (Japanese for Sky) and Shiro (Japanese for white) are transferred from our world into the world of games – Disboard (probably a pun for This Board). They both hate the real world, because they think it’s chaotic, unfair and unreasonable with no meaning to it. They wish the world to become more interesting, since they can’t understand what the rules and the goals of the game called life, in which you lose even when you win. That’s why Tet’s world manages to fascinate them. There they have a clear understanding of what the end goal is (beating Tet) and what the rules are (the 10 commandments) and that is enough for “Blank” (Sora and Shiro), who never loses to become interested. Due to the circumstances our heroes end up in the Elkia Kingdom, home to the Imanity race, which is probably a pun for the word Humanity. Unfortunately the kingdom is pushed back to its last city. The capital Elkia is at the brink of being swallowed by the bigger and stronger kingdoms bordering it. Fortunately our heroes decide to prove to everyone that humanity (considered the weakest race because of its lack of magical affinity) has all the qualifications of conquering any of the other races. Many exciting moments, epic turnarounds, complex plans and most importantly loads of fun awaits you while you watch how our heroes make their way from nothing to succeeding in challenging Tet. If you want to watch (probably) one of the best animes of the year, I highly recommend you watch No Game No Life!
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