No Game No Life - Shiro

Shiro (Japanese Translation –> white) is an 11 year old hikikomori (shut-in) and a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). She is Sora’s step sister and our main heroine. Along with her brother they make up the unbeatable team “Blank” (Sora’s name (空) along with Shiro’s name (白) create the word blank (空白)). Shiro is a genius in logic and problems, but has trouble with communicating with people. Due to her logically adapt mind she has difficulty understanding people’s emotions or behavior and also expressing her own. She relies on Sora to understand human’s actions and reactions. That along with her high analytical powers is what makes “Blank” unbeatable. Shiro is very jealous of her brother, showing she has a brother complex. She’s thin and short, with long White/Pale violet hair (her hair color changes depending on the scene) and red eyes. She is also shown to have a dry and somewhat twisted sense of humor, which you can see in her communications with Stef.
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