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We all wish for something – health, money, love, golden Lamborghini or even for the attractive waitress in the local restaurant. Although not all of us are religious, we sometimes pray to Someone to make our dreams come true. In the Noragami anime the Gods are those who are to fulfill our innermost wishes. However, each God is in charge of specific kinds of prayers. Yato – our main protagonist, is a God who, unlike others, will grant you any wish for the modest price of 5 yen. Too good to be true, isn’t it? The tricky part is that he is rather lazy and mostly unknown God. Meanwhile, a silly accident totally changes Hiyori’s ordinary, high school life. Now, her only hope is to relay on her new friend Yato to make things right. Hereby, Hiyori becomes Yato’s only follower. And if you want to find out how this uncanny friendship will develop, it will be a good idea to download and watch this anime.

Noragami is undoubtedly one of those rare uncut diamonds that the anime market has produced in the recent years. Although this anime is not very fast-paced, its characters create enjoyable atmosphere, in which all of a sudden the viewers find themselves drawn into. The hilarious situations that Yato God becomes part of and his dark past, which threatens to become a grim future, are only small portion of all those things that captures the audience interest worldwide. Now, do you have 5 yen? Then what are you waiting for - make a wish!
Translated by Ivailo Gatev
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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