One Piece - Franky

Franky makes his debute in 233 episode of the anime.He is lider of the Franky Family.He appears in Water 7.At first his role is negative.But later he becomes one of the main characters of this saga and of course he is on Luffy's side.He is an orphan.When he was young he worked as an apprentice of a shipbuilder.When Franky was a child he built mainly battleships. He is captured by the organisation called CP9 because he belongs the plans for the creation of an incredible battleship which maybe will be a new government's weapon.Franky helps for the rescue of Nico Robin. He is a really emotional personality.Only a half of him is a cyborg.He has saved his human origin. He loves to wear sunglasses and also his favourite shorts. Franky is armed with various weapons.He can shot fire and bullets. To keep up his power he needs coke.Franky creates the new ship of Luffy-Thousand Sunny.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:Dready
Autor: teh cyborg one MSK
Added by: MSK
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