One Piece - Nami

Since a little girl Nami is an orphan and together with her sister were raised by a woman sailor named Bellemere. Nami’s main passions are maps. She dreams to travel and create a perfect map of the world. Sadly for her, her foster mother is killed by a pirate named Arlong, and Nami is forced to join his pirate crew and draws maps for him. Despite the fact that she is hold tight, Nami manages to buy from Arlong her home island for 100 million beli. Because of her hatred for all pirates, she starts stealing from them with cleverness. This way she collects money for her ransom. Eventually she joins Monkey D Luffy’s pirate equipage. Thanks to them her problem with Arlong is resolved.
In general Nami becomes an expert thief with fox intellect and never misses a chance to use her female charm to achieve her goals. At first Nami isn’t a good fighter but in time masters a weird weapon created by Usop- the liar of the crew.
Her favorite things are money and mandarin oranges (which are symbol of wealth).

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
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