One Piece - Nico Robin

Nico Robin, sexy, tall, charming, beautiful, intelligent, smart, strong, she is all of that. Also has black hair and blue eyes, she is the perfect human. Nico certainly has the sizes of a top model, but we are not interested in her looks. She is a woman with a lot of grace. She dresses very elegant, which speaks well for her personality. There is grace in every simple move she makes. Nico Robin is an archeologist, likes reading books, and speaks several languages. I can also say she is interested in history. The award for her head is 80 000 beli. Just like her captain Luffy, she has obtained special abilities from a Devil Fruit. If I can compare her to a flower, I would definitely say she is edelweiss. Robin joins Luffy’s crew quite late in the story, but with her arrival some of their greatest adventures begin.

Personal opinion: I don’t often give my personal opinion for a character. Usually I try to describe them with indifference, as much as possible. But, I can honestly say that people who like One Piece will like Nico Robin. She is my favorite female anime character. I think that most of the people, who value women’s beauty and character, will also like her.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
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